Markus Wirthmann’s video ‘Schwanen See’ ( Swan Lake), 2001 will be screened alongisde several contemporary dance productions at The Space in Dundee.

‘Schwanen See’ will be screened in the atrium of The Space for the performances taking place on the 16th and 17th December 2008.

Image courtesy the artist.

Schwanensee - Markus WirthmannSchwanensee - Markus Wirthmann

It shows a small remote control boat making elegant serpentine and sweeping movements through the glassy surface of a pond. The ripples and wake created construct a moving pattern across the screen.

The boat, exploring the surface of the pond, is reflecting the artists focus which is ‘our understanding of how we are positioned in spaces’.

The film is in four segments or acts, the first one has the soundtrack of the quiet buzz of the boat’s motor while the other three have the classical Swan Lake score.

The movement and framing of the piece are very elegant but in contrast there is a little nudge of humour as the tiny boat valiantly takes the stage time and time again.

Born 1963 in Aschaffenburg am Main, Germany, Markus Wirthmann studied Art in Braunschweig and Berlin. He lives and works in Berlin.

‘Swan Lake’, Tchaikovsky, composed 1875-1876.

Schwanen see at The Space reflects my research into emergent video artists from the UK and Germany. The Scottish Arts Council, through their Creative and Professional Fund, have provided some financial support for this project. 

All images courtesy and copyright the artists.